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Multi-Agency CLR January 6th Meeting Notes - #10

07 Jan 2021 6:34 PM | Alla Kostenko (Administrator)

View the meeting recording here. The passcode for recording is #hhj.2hF



Teleconferencing via ZOOM 



o   Scott Enright - ag consultant

o   Iokepa Command - works for Senator Kanuha


o   HDOA


      Continuing surveying neighboring islands, feral coffee land. No islands identified CLR except Kona on Hawaii Island, Maui, and a sample sent from Lanai

o   Maui - Ka’anapali area has been infested


      Outreach to community that does not have access to WiFi

o   Working with Andrea and Public Information Specialist, drafting a PSA. Identified two radio stations on island to help move information. No update on timeline.

o   Will look into printed material. HCA can approve expenditures of funds if needed.

o   HCGA

       CLR has been identified at Maui Grown on Ka’anapali

      Identified on all varieties grown, mostly at higher elevations

o   Two types of Typica, Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra, Mokka

       Showing up on Typica and a little bit on Mokka

      Dryer climate but any fields that don’t have weeds under trees CLR has not been identified. Weed free keeps moisture down and doesn’t foster environment for spore growth. Non-scientific but useful for general/cultural practice on farm.

       Section 18 Application

      Met yesterday and looking at package, getting information needed. Getting intouch with BASF and two people internal to BASF are handling manufacturing side. 

      By next week, we should know where we stand on finalizing section 18 document and in meantime, focusing on getting material to Hawaii.

      Hopefully early Feb can get material in state

      Still need acreage count of coffee on Hawaii Island

o   Needed Island by island


For complete notes, click here.

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