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2022 - 2023

Fred Cowell - President
Kauai Coffee Company, LLC

Tom Greenwell - Vice-President

Greenwell Farms
Abby Munoz - Treasurer
Monarch Coffee

Brittany Horn - Secretary

Pacific Coffee Research

Chris Manfredi - Executive Director
Ka'u Farm and Ranch

Hawai'i Agricultural Research Center

Juli Burden


Big Island Coffee Roasters

Kelleigh Stewart

Heavenly Hawaiian Farms

Dave Bateman

Honolulu Coffee Company

Ryson Nakamasu


Hawai'i Coffee Growers Association

Kimo Falconer

Kona Coffee Farmers Association

Suzanne Shriner

Kona Hills LLC

Ferrell Daste


Maui Coffee Association

David Gridley

Island Sun

Donna Woolley

Kona Mountain Coffee

Bill Dwyer


To contact any of the HCA directors, please send e-mail to Your message will be routed to the specific director as requested, or to the appropriate director(s) as determined by the topic.

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