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FedEx Discount Program for HCA members 

FedEx and the HCA are pleased to offer a shipping discount program for HCA members.

Click here for details on the FedEx discount program.

Please note that FedEx is unable to provide detailed discount numbers in this forum. If you need details on discounts and pricing, beyond what is included at the link above, please e-mail our FedEx rep Hunter Hodges directly.

The steps necessary to take advantage of the FedEx - HCA discount program include:

1) Make sure that you are a current member of HCA at any level of membership. Click here to verify your HCA membership.

2) Have an existing FedEx account number. If you need a FedEx account number, please click here.

3) Send e-mail to our FedEx representative, Hunter Hodges, asking to have your FedEx account enabled for the FedEx HCA discount. Be sure to include your FedEx account number and your business name. Please ensure that your name / business name matches between your HCA membership and your FedEx account.

It may take several business days for the discount eligibility to be confirmed and the discount enabled on your FedEx account. Please be patient, Mahalo!

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