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2022 Conference Presentations


Breakfast & Coffee by MauiGrown Coffee

Exhibitor Presentation by Sym-Agro Inc

Video Recording

Conference Opening & Welcome

— Tom Greenwell, HCA President, Donna Woolley, Conference Chair **(no slides)**

Video Recording

Executive Director Report

— Chris Manfredi, HCA Executive Director **(no slides)**

Video Recording

Keynote: Collaborative Coffee R&D: Working Together to Secure the Future of Coffee in Hawaii — Jennifer "Vern" Long, World Coffee Research CEO 

Video Recording

Coffee Break by Honolulu Coffee

HCA Government Affairs Update — Kimo Falconer, Chris Manfredi

Video Recording

Hawaii Department of Agriculture Updates

— Phyllis Shimabukuro-Geiser, Helmuth Rogg, Greg Takeshima, Randall DeAguiar

Presentation #1, Presentation #2, Presentation #3

Video Recording

Lunch & Coffee by Kauai Coffee Company

UH College of Tropical Agriculture Update — Andrea Kawabata

Video Recording

USDA/Pacific Basin Ag Research Center Updates:

Controlling Coffee Leaf Rust in Hawaii — Lisa Keith – Video Recording

Coffee Leaf Rust on Hawaii Island: First Year Insights from Monitoring on Commercial Farms — Melissa Johnson  – Video Recording

Coffee Varieties for Hawaii — Tracie Matsumoto – Video Recording

Synergistic Hawaii Agriculture Council Updates — Suzanne Shriner,   Ralph Gaston

Video Recording

Announcement of Cupping Competition Winners with Coffee Tasting — Brittany Horn, Madeleine Longoria Garcia

Video Recording


Breakfast & Coffee by Greenwell Farms

Exhibitor Presentation by American AgCredit
Video Recording

Hawaii Agriculture Research Center Update — Dr. Ming-Li Wang

Video Recording

Soil Health Concepts and Practices — Melanie Willich, Ph.D

Video Recording

Coffee Break by Tradition Coffee Roasters

Modern Tools for H-2A and Compliance, SESO Michael Guirguis, Jordan Taylor

Video Recording

Lunch & Coffee by MauiOma

Traceability News, Oritain — Olya Shatova

Video Recording

On-Farm Technology — Fred Cowell

Video Recording

Hawaii Farm Bureau/HCA Member Benefits — Brian Miyamoto  **(canceled)**

HCA Elections & Board Meeting

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