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We represent coffee growers, processors, retailers, and service providers with the shared interest in Hawaiian coffee. Our mission is to provide a forum for education, communication, and the pursuit of shared goals that are beneficial to the sustained profitability of the entire Hawaii coffee industry. 



Saturday, September 17, 2022 is the deadline to submit a claim for the Kona Coffee Farmers Settlement.

Please see for details.

US Coffee Champs Prelims 2023

2022 Annual Conference & Cupping Competition Wrap-Up

Latest News Relating to Coffee Leaf Rust

Hawai'i Coffee Industry COVID-19 Playbook


A Guide to Hawaii's Coffee Industry: 
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The Hawai'i Coffee Association is pleased to share a new consumer guide covering the Hawai'i coffee industry, from Hawaii's diverse growing regions, to varieties, events, research and more.  

Download and print your own version here, or scroll through the pages below!

PDF guide: Grown with Aloha: A Guide to the Hawai'i Coffee Industry, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

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