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Multi-Agency CLR May 5th Meeting Notes - #25

05 May 2021 11:08 PM | Alla Kostenko

View the meeting recording here. The passcode for recording is Wp=M#e14.

For complete copy of meeting notes, click here.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021 8:30AM

Teleconferencing via ZOOM 




o   HDOA


      No additional site positive

      Production areas on Oahu are free from CLR (Dole and Greenworld)

      Continues to spread in Kona, hoping expansion will slow

      Watchful of environmental conditions for expression in different areas like Hilo

       Section 18 Submittal (Updates)

      Outreach and education relating to the Section 18

o   15 attendees, compiling a list for more targeted approach for WPS

o   Requests for WPS training

o   Meeting was recorded and will be shared when available

o   HCA will make a call for farm managers 

o   FAQs will be posted to the pesticide website

      Draft Label

o   No updates 

o   45 days is not a hard timeline but a general cut off time frame for producers to use the pesticide

o   Approval timing is not available 

o   48/49 days from submittal

      Notification and Use Reports

o   Sent out last week to dealers

o   FAQs will be sent to dealers

      Worker Protection Standards

      Any outstanding issues?

      25’ setback

o   25 foot setback (from “edge of field”) need to be followed, even if you have approval from neighboring parcels

       Spray Webinar with UH April 1 and April 8 recording(?)

      decent turnout (120 attendees)

      Cannot release recording due to incorrect information

      Webinar with spanish translation or in spanish

      Considering in-person workshop, adhere to COVID restrictions

      Andrea and Mitch do a closed outreach event, recorded

o   Will provide less opportunities for misinformation

o   “scripted presentation”

       Amnesty for varietals already in Hawaii (resistance, yield, cup quality)

      HRS 150a-14 f does talk about surrendering plant material without permit

o   Would have to be changed legislatively

o   Not an amnesty issue, asking for a pardon


For complete copy of meeting notes, click here.

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