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Multi-Agency CLR January 14th Meeting Notes - #11

14 Jan 2021 11:24 PM | Alla Kostenko

View the meeting recording here. The passcode for recording is #hhj.2hF

For complete copy of meeting notes, click here.



Teleconferencing via ZOOM 




o   HDOA


      No new sites, a few reports of new infestation sites but know that CLR already exists in that area

      First sample from Lanai was lost in transit, second sample and was not CLR but with visual considerations of imagery seen, CLR is likely. Will continue testing.


      Certified RUP applicators license would not be necessary for section 18 emergency use, record keeping requirements are still necessary

      Personnel on Hawaii Island and Maui are available to assist with education, more updates next week

      Draft poster from UH, HDOA will have an answer on going to print later today. HCA will assist with distribution and printing.

      How can we get emergency declaration on State or Fed level so that farmers who have organic certification status will not be impacted by section 18 emergency use?

o   HCGA

       Section 18 Application

      Close to finishing application

      Having discussions with manufacturer of preaxor, providing data

      Getting letters of support for crisis exemption package to be submitted to EPA

      Targeting application submission for end of January, but concerned about 15 day period being too short and not having enough preparedness to get the most product out to farmers

      Focus on outreach and educations

      Growers met with EASF 

      IR 4 program - UH Manoa - working on a chemsak proposal to use import tolerance data that EASF already has. If successful, this will help skip a lengthy step in the process.  IR 4 is planning to submit to chemsak committee at their next meeting


o   USDA


      Testing resistance of varietals already growing in Hawaii

o   Lisa continuing en vitro trials

o   Mailed application quarantine or allowing propagation while in quarantine for WCR varieties 


       APHIS role

      Strategic Plan to control Coffee Leaf Rust in Hawaii

o   Funding

       No funds in F120

o   Implementation

       Task teams have been working and briefed on how they will follow up with implementation

o   Importing Plant materials 

       Prioritizing varietals

APHIS permits...

For complete copy of meeting notes, click here.

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