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Multi-Agency CLR December 2nd Meeting Notes - #6

02 Dec 2020 11:27 PM | Alla Kostenko (Administrator)

View the meeting recording here. The passcode for recording is zy$y@B8d.

For complete copy of meeting notes, click here.



Teleconferencing via ZOOM 



o   Munanez - USDA in DC

o   Ilihia - Rep of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's office, Hawai’i Island

o   Becky Azama - HDOA Best Control Branch

o   Jax Avalino - Senior Research at CRAD


o   HDOA

      Meeting twice per week


      Becky Azama - good communication within department and partners

      Continuing to survey coffee lands, still identified in Kona and on Maui

      More sites showing spread to West Side of Maui

      Hilo, still looking for good sample to send to USDA

o   Initial id in Hilo showed spores but were very light, possible that spores degraded


      Present an update on CLR to Hawaii Island Legislative

      Underserved communities communication: PSAs and radio coverage for those not tuned into electronic communication.

o   Andrea is trying to drop off hard copies of information to roaster and grower facilities


      Interim Rule & Permit progress

o   Request for 15 permits from roasters, getting facilities compliant

      Imported plant material (timeline & restrictions)

o   Trying to reduce the quarantine period on a case by case period

      Propagating during quarantine 

o   what are the barriers?

       A problem for HDOA

       It is not “expressly prohibitive” but sets a bad example 

       If you bring in fewer plants and propagate during quarantine, you reduce the risk

       Pesticide Branch-

      Emergency use permits for systemic fungicides

       Transportation of Shipment

      See section 5 of permit guidelines


o   USDA...

For complete copy of meeting notes, click here.

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