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Multi-Agency CLR November 12th Meeting Notes - #3

12 Nov 2020 11:31 PM | Alla Kostenko (Administrator)

View the meeting recording here. The passcode for recording is 91.IjV$P.

For complete copy of meeting notes, click here.



Teleconferencing via ZOOM 



o   Mitch Heidenreich

o   Juli Coughlin - IR4 Program UH


o   HDOA (Kevin Hoffman)


      Continuing to survey across islands

      USDA notified samples from Kona are confirmed CLR

      USDA notified samples from Hilo not confirmed CLR

o   NIS confirmed - negative

o   AFIS identified very few spores

      Continuing to send USDA suspect samples

      All suspect samples from Oahu are negative 

      Surveys on Maui are mostly kept in feral fields, farmers continue to monitor their own farms to alleviate possible spread between farms

      Protocol from farmers is to send in a picture prior to HDOA visiting commercial site

      Efforts to reach underserved populations that do not have access to electronic PR 

o   Article published in West Hawaii Today with little information on what to do if they see CLR

      Possibly a good ROI if we place an ongoing ad in the paper

       Quarantine (wifi connection went out so I was unable to get good notes on this section)

      Any testimony for the iterum rule is due today by 4:30, meeting on interim rule will be tomorrow 11/13

      Interisland shipping

o   Disinfectant on bags - isopropyl alcohol, still in consideration

o   Container to ship in - sealed drum, still in consideration

o   Provisions are being written with some leeway 

o   UV treatment is also in consideration and tested

      Imported plant material (timeline & restrictions)

      Propagating during quarantine

o   Planning to make CLR resistant plants more easily available quickly and safely

      Shipping directly from Hawaii Island or Maui to mainland - this permit would not apply

       USDA Letter


       Pesticide Branch

      Any pesticide approved by EPA but not currently approved in Hawaii, needs to be licensed by pesticide branch 

o   USDA...

For complete copy of meeting notes, click here.

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