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*new* – HB2298 Hawaii-Grown coffee blend bill

For many decades the Hawaii Coffee Industry has struggled to find unity in regards to the subject of coffee blending when calling out a Hawaii coffee origin name on the product label. The Hawaii Coffee Association and other Hawaii coffee associations and industry leaders have found that for such a volatile subject, would there be a way to find common ground? Read a full statement.

HB2298 Bill - Final Version

Economic Report on Changes in Hawai'i's Coffee Labeling Law


This law aims to protect Hawaiian coffees from being misrepresented in blends. It mandates that if a Hawaiian coffee is used in a blend and the coffee is named on the package (i.e. “Kona coffee”), then the package must represent the coffee accurately. The blend must contain a minimum of 10% (by weight) of the origin named, the label must clearly state the percentage, and the size of the font on the label must adhere to specific guidelines.

For complete details and a full written description of the law, please read HRS Chapter 486-120.6.


All Hawaii-grown green coffee packaged for sale or transport, either in-state or out-of-state, must be clearly marked, labeled, stamped or printed in the English language with the exact grade and geographic region of production. The grade statement must appear on a tamper-proof tag or on the same panel as the geographic identity of the container.

For complete details and a full written description of the law, please read HAR Chapter 4-143-1.

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