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04 Jun 2021 8:35 AM | Alla Kostenko

If growers/workers spray Mycotrol, BotaniGard, Kocide 3000, Badge X2, Serenade and other organic or conventional pesticides, and especially if they will apply Priaxor Xemium, I encourage thier attendance at one of our Worker Protection Standard (WPS) training sessions. Farm workers and handlers should be trained annually in WPS. As part of the Section 18, WPS training is a requirement of Priaxor application on coffee in Hawaii. We have three available training sessions:

Online WPS Webinar - Wednesday, June 2 at 3:00 PM
In-person Train the Trainer WPS Workshop at the Kona Cooperative Extension Service - Tuesday, June 8 at 10 AM
In SPANISH and in-person WPS Workshop at the Kona Cooperative Extension Service - Tuesday, June 8 at 1 PM

EPA's Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) aims to reduce pesticide poisonings and injuries among agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. Learn (in English and Spanish) about who is covered by WPS, view videos, purchase WPS materials, etc. at

Thank you,
Andrea Kawabata

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