Pinhalense Webinar — Coffee Opportunities at "New Normal": Trends, Qualities and Myths, and Technology to Help Growers Address Them

03 Aug 2020 5:23 PM | Alla Kostenko (Administrator)


P&A, Pinhalense and their representatives are pleased to invite you to participate in their webinar, whose details can be found below.

Date and time: August 04, at 10:00am Hawaiian time


It will include results of regional polls with over 1,200 respondents in Latin America, Africa and Asia

Please register in advance at the link:

Carlos Brando will make an initial presentation followed by discussion with the P&A team and he will then answer questions. The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Market and quality demands and advanced processing technology to meet them
  • Impacts of Covid-19 on producing countries: harvesting and production
  • The role of consumption in producing countries: safety net and complement to exports
  • Addressing myths: suggestions for cuppers, importers and roasters to help producers adapt to the New Normal

The presentation and discussion will last 60 minutes with another 30 minutes dedicated to questions from the participants.

Questions can be sent in advance to: or in writing during the webinar, in the Q&A section found at the bottom of the screen.

Important information of the Zoom Webinar:

  • Feel free to share and forward this message; all attendees must individually register using the link provided above;
  • Try to use a computer or tablet, it is easier to follow presentations and discussions than with a phone;
  • Check the strength of your internet connection;
  • Only the host and presenters will be able to speak;
  • Attendees will be able to use the “Q&A” tool in the lower part of the computer screen to send questions, comments, that will be answered in the end of the webinar;
  • Use headphones if possible;
  • A few short indicative polls will be conducted during the webinar
    • You only need to answer the questions uploaded to the screen by the host by clicking the desired answer and the submit button. 
    • Each poll will take approximately 30 seconds.
    • The results will be shared immediately on your screen.

Carlos Brando, a partner at P&A and Pinhalense, has already coordinated coffee projects from harvesting to consumption in more than 50 countries on the 5 continents, including countries in the region. Carlos has written chapters for several coffee books, like Nespresso’s recent: “The Craft and Science of Coffee”, is a member of the board of the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and he currently chairs the board of the Global Coffee Platform (GCP).

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